Volunteering at Friday Soup Kitchen

Food Service


Here are ways to help:

Food Preparation 9-10:30.  This is when we actually make the meal. Tasks include making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, chopping salad, slicing bread and cake, helping our cook with the hot meal.


Dining Room Set Up 10:30 to Noon. This is when we physically set up the dining room for meal service. We set 22 tables, each with appropriate dishes, silverware, etc. We then pre-serve the hot meal with a cover so that guests can come in at noon and go right to a table.

Service goes till 1:00PM.


What to Bring to FSK. We’ll supply most of what you need – aprons, disposable gloves, hats/hairnets if you work on food prep. Wear comfortable clothing and non-skid shoes and bring a hat if you can!


Volunteers can come for any and all of the sessions, depending on their schedules.

Be a volunteer at Friday Soup Kitchen…

You’ll get so much more than you give.