Our Volunteers...

..are the very heart of Friday Soup Kitchen. They prepare the food, set up the dining room, serve food and wait on tables, and clean up afterwards. They interact with our guests, developing relationships and fostering a true sense of community.


" I came to the soup kitchen about 20 years ago and I am here every Friday rain or shine....we do a wonderful service here. I do this because I can, the guests get a full service meal and most of them say thank you. "


" I've been coming since a very young age whenever I can, and I just love helping people and trying to do the best I can to help people that are less fortunate then us."


" I thank God every day that I have never known homelessness, I've never known hunger and I can only imagine how terrible those things are. Since I feel like I have been privileged in that regard, I can give back something by helping out here to try to alleviate the problems that the homeless and hungry have in our city."


"When I started we were serving 80 people out of cans and it was institutional food. Slowly but surely we have evolved to this amazing place. I am so proud of the people and volunteers. I actually look forward to coming on Friday it is my really up day of the week" 


My name is Grayson and I'm here because my grandma comes here once a week  to food for everyone. I might get play music for everyone today also.


What I like about coming is that it is about as rewarding to me as I think is to them. We are giving our guests not only food, we're giving continuity and stability. We learn what they like and I think that makes them feel individualized so they are getting special attention at least once a week.