Last year was our most successful at fundraising ever,

with a total of $108,520 in donations.


How did we do it?


  • Through the generosity of our volunteers, their friends and families, and the support of the Heart & Soul Charitable Fund.


  • Through the incredible funding website (created by our own Chris Avildsen) that allowed visitors to learn about us and to easily make donations.


  • Through the generous support of local businesses and foundations.


To get a better picture of the donations, they breakdown as follows:


                  50% came from just 7 individual donors/foundations ($4000+)

                  33% came from FSK Network for Good donations online

                  17% came from individual contributions received directly.


It takes approximately $80,000 (round numbers) to run Friday Soup Kitchen for one year. This includes food and supplies; security; and a rental charge that we pay to All Souls for use of the kitchen. And yes, do the math and we did have a surplus from last year.  And that is exactly what we want. We want to build a reserve that will tide us over the lean years and more importantly, allow us to expand on what we currently do.


Here are just a few ways we want to improve Friday Soup:


  • Serving more and better protein at our meals – like beef stew and meatloaf and chicken.


  • Repairing/replacing service-related items such as kitchen equipment, place settings and silverware, tablecloths and aprons


  • Making better use of the Internet to increase awareness of Friday Soup and increase contributions through such social platforms as Facebook, Instagram.


  • Setting up Friday Soup Kitchen as its own charitable foundation, a 501 (c)(3) so that contributions can feed directly to us without going through Heart & Soul.


  • Small things – like making holidays more festive and meaningful to our guests – think Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter.




We believe that with extra effort from everyone, we can exceed last year’s total by 10%. That would bring us in at just under $120,000. And WE CAN DO IT!!!


  • Get the word out to your friends, your families – people who gave last year and, importantly, people you forgot to contact or who said no the first time


  • Tap into your business contacts. Is there a law firm, a brokerage, a supplier who could be persuaded to donate


  • Be more generous yourself. You know what Friday Soup means to our guests. Could you/would you increase last year’s donation by 10%?


The last few months have been challenging for all of us at Friday Soup.  The loss of the kitchen has meant bagged, cold lunches and that’s not what we are about. Hopefully, we’ll be at full operating capacity sometime in the next few weeks and we can get back to doing what we do best. And we are the best at what we do – thanks to all of you.

Friday Soup Kitchen

@All Souls Church

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New York, NY 10075

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