Hunger is an urgent problem in NYC



It continues to grow, making outposts like Friday Soup Kitchen more necessary than ever.

Some shocking figures from the New York Coalition Against Hunger for 2014:

•    One in six New York City Residents – over 1.4 million people – are food insecure.   Which means that they don’t have the resources to feed themselves on a regular basis.

•    Nearly one in four children in New York City are food insecure.

•    One in 10 New York City seniors are food insecure.

•    As a direct result of several major cuts in government SNAP funding (Food Stamps), soup kitchens report increases in number of clients.  And that includes Friday Soup Kitchen, which has seen a minimum of 10% growth in number of guests served.   And many new guests who had previously not needed our services.

Although some of our guests are homeless or living in single rooms, there are many people in need of food simply because income from work, retirement or safety net programs is too low to cover their monthly food costs.

Friday Soup Kitchen exists to feed the needy in New York, now more than ever!